International Day of Light is a beacon for progress

International Day of Light is a Beacon for Progress

UNESCO’s International Day of Light on 16 May is a chance to celebrate light and the role it plays in all our lives from science, culture and art to medicine, communications and energy.

Sustainable Development

One aim of this annual global initiative is to raise awareness of the role technologies and design can play in achieving greater energy efficiency and reducing light pollution.

2019 sees SMC celebrating 25 years at the forefront of this innovation. As the first and only British company to produce solar-powered lighting towers we continue to develop and refine our models.

Harnessing the sun’s rays to produce cheaper, greener, renewable energy to replace our dependence on fossil fuels and help tackle climate change is the way forward.

The SMC TL55 Solar and the new compact SMC TL60 Solar light are shining examples of this forward-thinking approach.

Technological Advancement

The Morris Site Machinery design team is continually innovating using technological advances to produce practical and economical equipment which is more environmentally friendly to meet present and future needs.

Take the SMC TL55 Battery lighting tower for example. This has a PIR sensor (Passive Infrared Sensor) which means the light automatically dims when the sensor detects there is no one working on site. It saves energy and lengthens the run time to up to 500 hours.

Telemetry options that allow users to remotely control the machines and review their fuel management from a desktop, mobile or tablet, also show how times have changed. With this option on the SMC TL90 Evolve, users can see in real-time where the lighting tower is located, that it is working efficiently or if any issues require action. The system reduces site visits and maintenance costs and enables fuel management and fault analysis.

Lighting the way can be done effectively and with due care for the environment.

It’s something to think about not just on International Day of Light but throughout the year.