What is the Runtime?

The runtime of a lighting tower is a measure of the number of continuous hours of light it can produce on one tank of fuel. If you’re using your lights for one-day or weekend events, the runtime might not be that important, but on a construction site you might want a more efficient model to save on fuel costs and stop you from having to refuel as often.



What Runtimes Are Available

Lighting towers usually have runtimes from around 80 hours at the lower end to 265 hours or more. That means that whichever model you buy, your tower will be able to run for three days or more without needing to refuel. The 254-hour runtime provided by our TL90 Ultimate model equates to more than 11 days of continuous operation!

What Affects The Runtime?

There are a few main factors that affect the runtime of a tower light:

  • Engine type and power
  • Fuel capacity
  • Efficiency and fuel consumption

A standard diesel-powered lighting tower with metal halide lamps will generally have a shorter runtime than a hybrid or solar model. LED lighting towers often offer longer runtimes as well, as these bulbs require less power.
For example, some of our lighting towers offer a 50% increase in fuel capacity and runtime, delivering an additional 90 hours of operation compared to standard models.

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