Seeing the light after dark

A bright solution

The recent challenging heatwave has highlighted the benefits of working before dawn and after dark, especially for site workers grappling with soaring temperatures.

It has also flagged the advantages of using portable lighting towers to illuminate sites so work can continue around the clock to deliver projects safely and on time while maintaining productivity.

Portable lighting towers cast light over a wider area than equipment-mounted lights or side lighting kits and are more flexible as they can be moved easily to where they are needed for different tasks.

At Morris Site Machinery, we produce a range of world-class lighting towers under our SMC brand. They are robust, reliable and built to perform in all weathers and the most testing climates. Fuel efficient, cost-effective and versatile, they are the right choice for a variety of sectors. 

Our most popular lighting towers

The SMC TL55 Solar is a sustainable, eco-friendly and low maintenance lighting tower producing instant light from four 60W LED lamps. With both battery and mains supply provision it offers flexible options for all applications on site. It provides up to 500 hours run time on battery alone and indefinite run time when including solar power in the right conditions.

A leading light in the range is the SMC TL90 Ultimate which delivers the best performance on every level with 265 hours of uninterrupted run time. Designed with ground clearance in mind, the tower can be towed across rough terrain.

Easily transportable and developed to be handled by a single operator, the ideal compact solution for illumination indoors and outdoors is the SMC TL60 Trolley light. Although small in size, fitting through a standard internal doorway, it is big on output with four powerful 320W LED lights. There are also options to operate from the mains, 110V supplies or a linked lighting process with inlet and outlet sockets.

LED Innovation

When productivity is the priority on a construction site, LED fixtures have instant on and off operation so that work can begin immediately. Our revolutionary Halo soft light lamp head is virtually indestructible with three options 300W, 600W and 1200W providing instantaneous anti-glare light, perfect for rail and road construction.

International Business Director Phil Winnington said: “Our lighting towers get the job done at a range of locations from roadsides and mines to development projects and events. They have been developed to meet Australia’s demanding temperatures, terrain and health and safety regulations.”