Morris Site Machinery has developed a system of linked lighting to provide greater illumination whilst reducing emissions and saving on fuel costs.

The SMC SL60 Link light is a cost-effective, compact and lightweight way to light up sites with its simple to operate format and daisy chain capabilities. It’s ideal for lighting roadways and larger sites from one power source.

It runs from a mains supply, generator or another lighting tower, such as the SMC SL80 Pallet.

Linking one SL60 Link to an SL80 Pallet produces over 240,000 lumens – a 67% increase – and still has a run time of 108 hours.

Coupling the machines in this way also means a 17% fuel saving, a 17% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 20% saving in service costs based on lumens per hour. It also significantly reduces noise levels.

It is possible to run 24 units at a time from a 22 kVA three-phase generator such as the Denyo Eventa 20.

This would light up an area with 2.3 million lumens and run for 21 hours. The system would reduce CO2 emissions by 60%, save 60% on fuel costs and give an 85% saving in service expenditure. Noise levels would again be significantly reduced, as the SMC SL60 link is completely silent.


SMC SL80 Pallet linked to one SMC SL60 Link

  • Over 240,000 lumens – a 67% increase
  • 108 hour run time
  • 17% fuel saving
  • 17% reduction in C02 emissions
  • 20% saving in service cost
  • Significantly reduced noise level

Comparison is relative to lumens per hour as against one SL80 unless otherwise stated

Generator Link-Up

Denyo Eventa 20 (3-phase 22kVA) generator linked to 24 x SMC SL60 Link

  • 2.3 million lumens
  • 21 hour run time
  • 60% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 60% fuel saving
  • 85% saving in service costs
  • Significantly reduced noise level

Comparison is based on 24 x SMC SL60 Link emitting the same light as 16 x SL80 Pallets

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