Why choose LED?

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LED lights are becoming more popular than metal halides, due to their lifespan, luminosity and improved energy efficiency.

What is LED?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are made of a component with two electrodes, these are semiconductive due to the materials they are made of and emit visible light when an electrical current runs through them

What is Metal Halide?

Metal Halide lights are made of metal and halogen combinations. Visible light is emitted when an electrical current is passed through the metal halide gas and mercury.

  LED Halide
Warm up time Instant 15-20 minutes
Low Maintenance  
Heat Emissions None 10-15% of total energy
Lifespan up to 100,000 hours up to 15,000 hours
Lifetime costs High initial cost, low maintenance Low initial cost, high maintenance
Cold Tolerance - 40°C - 40°C
Heat Tolerance up to 100°C N/A
Fuel Consumption 0.65 l/hr 1.53 l/hr
Low Emissions  
Improved Energy Efficiency  
Run Time 177 hours up to 124 hours