Ten TL90 towers secured to Bristol-based CHS Hire

Ten TL90 towers secured to Bristol-based CHS Hire

Ahead of the festive events season, Bristol-based company CHS has purchased ten prestigious TL90 3e LED lighting towers from Morris Site Machinery.

These ten TL90’s will bring the current fleet up to date with up to 160 hours of uninterrupted operation. Robust, reliable and with low emissions, they will also ensure greater visibility and cost savings which will enable high performance on every level.

CHS specified to add the dawn to dusk ECO sensor feature across all ten of the fleet which enables the lights to turn on and off automatically. This is a vital feature as the majority of business comes from local industry where shift patterns of workers means lights are left on all day in remote areas.

The Bristol-based hire company has been trading in the hire industry for many years, specialising in hazardous environment equipment, pipe cutting, tank lighting and metal preparation.

The ten machines were already been hired out to light the way at Bristol’s Balloon festival last month, illuminating the walkways and car parks for visitors as they made their way to and from the event.

Claire Bruce, Director at CHS said: “Our previous equipment consisted of hand wind-up mast lighting towers so there was a desperate need to modernise to bring the fleet up to date. I was stunned by the compact size of the TL90 and the clear and crisp light from all of the four 300W heads. We have received great service from Stuart Selway at Morris Site Machinery throughout the buying process so to us, it was a no-brainer.”