Rise of the green machines

Rise of the green machines

As the manufacturer of the UK’s first solar-powered lighting tower, we understand the importance of sustainability and reducing environmental impact in the sectors we work with.

The eco-efficient SMC Solar Lighting Tower was developed to meet industry demand for a truly sustainable and low-maintenance tower. It delivers 100% fuel savings, zero carbon and noise emissions and has minimal service requirements.

This lighting tower can achieve an indefinite run status, subject to the quality of daylight and based on 8-10 hours of operation within 24 hours.

Many eco-products may compromise on reliability and lifespan but that is not the case with this innovative piece of kit which operates up to eight times longer than a hybrid model.

SMC TL55 Battery Lighting Tower Is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and low maintenance tower. Offering instant light from four LEDs, it does not compromise on power or quality. With both battery and mains supply provision, it offers flexible options for all applications on site.

SMC Halo light Is a unique soft light solution delivering 360 degrees 1200W diffused light from four 300W LED quadrants. It has good green credentials as fewer towers are required to provide the light needed.

It’s not just lighting towers where we strive to be as green as possible. The ArcGen ecoweld is our most environmentally friendly welder generator. It has a unique auto stop/start feature that gives unrivalled fuel consumption savings. It has a super silenced operation to reduce noise pollution.

We have an innovation agenda and are committed to doing all we can to support a sustainable future.

We aim to conduct our operations in an environmentally sound manner, through continual improvement in the environmental performance of all our activities, work processes, products and services.