What lighting tower safety features are available? With any site machinery, safety is of the utmost importance. Ensure you’re aware of potential problems and have read any safety guides or information provided with the lighting tower before using it.



The safety features built into a lighting tower are important, but before setting up the equipment, it’s important to check the area is safe.
Ensure the ground is stable and any materials that may cause a hazard are removed. You’ll want to make sure the tower can’t move or lean when in use. Look out for anything that could pierce the tires or get in the way, and make sure the tower itself won’t block vehicles or foot traffic on the site.


Some lighting towers are fitted with an advanced safety system that lowers the mast if the handbrake is released and prevents it from being raised unless the handbrake is applied. This is a great feature to look out for.

Some lighting towers have been developed to monitor engine temperature and oil pressure. This makes sure the lighting tower is running at its best and allows you to stop any problems, should they arise.

Many lighting towers have a small amount of safety information on the machine itself. Our lighting towers are also supplied with QR codes. Once scanned, these show the operator a range of safety and set-up videos. These videos are important and it’s advised that you view them before using the machinery.


If you are unsure or have a question about how your lighting tower operates, contact the manufacturer or supplier. At Morris Site Machinery, we have a team on hand to answer any questions you may have before using the equipment.

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