How to choose a lighting tower?

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Investing in lighting towers for your project isn’t an easy decision so we’ve developed these frequently asked questions to make sure you have the essentials covered

How much light do I need?

It’s important to know the size of the area you need to illuminate and the type of work taking place within it. Manual work requires more intense light and film sets may require a softer, diffused light. Although Watts used to be the controlling factor of light output it is important to look at the lumen output - 27W now produces the same amount of light as 100W did 10 years ago.

How long can a lighting tower run for?

LED lights are the most efficient lamp heads in terms of both run time and fuel consumption. Both our static SMC SL80 Pallet lighting tower and mobile SMC TL90 Ultimate have an impressive run time of 265 hours. When fitted with Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors, which allow the light to turn on when movement is detected nearby, the SMC TL55 Battery can run for up to 500 hours. Under the right conditions the SMC TL55 Solar and SMC TL60 Solar towers can run indefinitely.

What if there is no one available to turn the lights on and off?

If you can’t be sure that you will always have staff available to turn your lighting towers on and off, it’s worth considering dusk til dawn sensors. These automatically turn on when daylight light reaches a certain level, allowing your staff to continue working safely. Our SMC TL90 Evolve is also fitted with telemetry so you can turn it on and off remotely – from anywhere in the world.

How do I transport lighting towers?

Consider the resources you have available, do you have access to a trailer or flatbed truck? The SMC SL80 Pallet is designed to fit 22 units on a Euro Trailer while the SMC TL60 is designed to be moved by a single worker and can be towed. The SMC TL90 Evolve is VCA approved and can be towed on the back of a vehicle.

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