How does telemetry work?

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Telemetry is a wireless way of automatically measuring and transmitting data from remote sources. To us, it means we can transmit data from a lighting tower anywhere in the world to a desktop or mobile phone in another location. That’s incredibly useful, as it means you are alerted to potential problems and can track performance from afar.


Through the use of our Deep Sea Control Panel, which is fitted as standard on some of our lighting towers, you can add the telemetry option and monitor and control the following elements:

  • Comprehensive fuel management
  • GPS tracking
  • Engine and alternator displays
  • Remote switch on and off
  • Instant text or mail alerts

This technology isn’t dissimilar from controlling your central heating or home lighting from your mobile phone. It’s smart technology that makes use of the internet to send data securely back and forth.


Telemetry lighting towers give managers even more traceability and security from their fleet. Telemetry is particularly useful for those who have a number of towers in their fleet in a number of locations, as it allows them to track their towers from one place.

The technology means you can avoid lighting towers running out of fuel more easily and switch off lights that are running unnecessarily.

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