What Type of Lighting is Good for Film Sets or Photographic Studios?

If you’re on a film set or in a photographic studio, good lighting is essential. It not only ensures what you’re filming is easy for the audience to see – it adds mood and allows you to shoot at night more easily.

LED Lighting Towers

Lighting towers fitted with LED lights are ideal for film sets, as the lamps can be turned on/off with no need to wait for the lamps to cool down. This helps on film sets and in studios where lighting needs to be changed quickly and efficiently.

Seven out of our range of ten lighting towers are sold with LED bulbs due to their efficiency and crisp, clear light.

Noise Levels

While in a photography studio, background noise might not be as much of an issue, on film sets, it can be very important.

Our lighting tower range has an average sound pressure level at 7 metres of between 60-62dB(A), which is relatively quiet compared to the average in the industry of approximately 64dB(A). This might not seem like much of a difference, but as a logarithmic scale, every decibel counts.

It’s important to have as little noise from lighting equipment as possible on a film set as this could affect sound quality when recording.

Other Factors

Although not specific to photography and cinematography, you might also want to consider the runtime of your lighting towers, the amount of light they produce, and their eco credentials. Take a look at our other FAQs and guides for details.