A super-silent welder generator with single and three phase socket options

Versatile operation

Versatile operation

This welder generator offers versatility and flexibility with the ability to simultaneously use both DC and AC, with three phase and single phase outputs. It welds up 10mm electrodes with precise welding control, variable ampage adjustment.

ArcGen Weldmaker 500CC/CV

Key Features

The ArcGen Weldmaker 500CC/CV uses digital setting and output gauges allowing operators to monitor and accurately control current and power.

  • supersilentoperation.svg

    Super-silent operation

  • variableampagecontrol.svg

    Variable amperage control

  • faultdiagnosisdisplay.svg

    Fault diagnosis display

  • brushlessexterior.svg

    Brushless exterior

ArcGen Weldmaker 500CC/CV

The super silent Weldmaker 500CC/CV is the most powerful and resourceful machine in the ArcGen welder range with unrivalled performance, practicality and reliability. Using the latest engine technology from Kubota it provides up to 12 hours of continuous operation and has advanced safety features fitted as standard.