A compact lighting tower with three 45W solar panels available as a trolley, skid base or road tow trailer

Advanced technology

Advanced technology

Its dusk til’ dawn sensor only provides light from its 30W LED light when needed, saving battery power and removing the necessity for manual switching on and off. PIR (passive infrared) sensors means light is only activated when movement is detected.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient

With three highly effective solar panels, the TL60 Solar meets the industry’s sustainability agenda with additional features to improve run time. The unit comes with auto-dimmable lights and auto-timer.

SMC TL60 Solar

Key Features

With our continuous improvement policy, we aim to bring the machinery solutions best suited to our customers’ requirements.

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    30 units on a Euro Trailer

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    Zero fuel

  • zero-noise.svg

    Zero noise

  • zero-emissions.svg

    Zero emissions

SMC TL60 Solar

The compact SMC TL60 Solar has been developed to meet the industry’s sustainability agenda. With three 45W solar panels, the energy efficient and easily deployable lighting tower has zero noise and zero emissions. The solar panels easily fold into transport mode allowing 30 units to fit on a Euro Trailer.