A lighting solution suitable for all applications with zero emissions and zero noise.

PIR/autodimming system

PIR/autodimming system

Maximise output from your lighting tower using PIR sensors. Lights run at 10% operation until activated by movement, providing an output of 500 hours from the battery alone.

Flexible power options

Flexible power options

The SMC TL55 Battery can be powered by both its battery, recharged in just 11 hours by the on-board 40A/230vac battery charger, or by mains operation with external plug-in connection. Battery power is optimised by automatic switching level for LEDs.

SMC TL55 Battery

Key Features

With our continuous improvement policy, we aim to bring the machinery solutions best suited to our customers’ requirements.

  • runtime.svg

    500 hours run time with PIR

  • zero-emissions.svg

    Zero emissions

  • zero-fuel.svg

    Zero fuel

  • eurotrailer.svg

    8 units on a trailer

SMC TL55 Battery

This sustainable, low maintenance lighting tower provides instant light from its 4 x 60W LED lampheads. Its 12V DC battery is fully charged in just 11 hours providing 500 hours of run time – dependent on activations.