An engine free, cost-effective, linkable lighting tower

Power efficiently with a generator

When using a 22kVA three-phase generator to power 24 SMC SL60 Link lights, you can expect 21 hours run time, 60% reduction in CO2 emissions and 60% fuel saving. Comparison is based on 24 x SL60 emitting the same light as 16 x TL90 Evolves.

SMC SL60 Link

Key Features

This linked lighting solution allows cost-conscious customers to save money- as much as 60% on fuel costs and 85% saving in service costs. Emissions are greatly reduced whilst significantly increasing light output.

  • linkablemachines.svg

    Daisy chain option

  • lumens.svg

    96,192 lumens

  • mast-rotationsvg.svg

    355 degree mast rotation

  • compactdesign.svg

    Compact design