Service Manager - Four Ashes, Wolverhampton

Service Manager – Functions and Responsibilities

 Reporting to:  Customer Service Director

 1       Objectives

  • To be aware of, and promote, the company’s core value to be the pre-eminent supplier to the construction, plant hire and other related industries focussing on quality products and services incorporating a commitment to all the staff at the company to ensure a dynamic, team orientated and supportive culture.
  • To ensure the efficient and effective operation of all the company’s procedures that back up the sales effort from a service point of view.
  • Responsibility to ensure that the company’s objectives with regard to providing a quality product to its customers is achieved.
  • To provide leadership for the workshop team; ensuring they are properly motivated, directed, monitored and reviewed.
  • To work within the time planning requirements of customer contracts.
  • To ensure the company complies with the CEO’s directive to comply with all Health & Safety regulations.
  • To ensure that the company’s quality routines are adhered to and updated and documented as necessary.


2       Specific Responsibilities

  • To allocate jobs to service engineers following receipt of instruction from the CS Director for either the preparation of used machine orders, second-hand equipment, hire fleet or in house and site related service work.
  • To ensure that final inspections of all machines are completed prior to despatch.
  • To assist the Quality Manager with designated weekly tasks in accordance with the company ISO9001 accreditation.
  • To ensure that shipping order audits are regularly carried out.
  • Let the CS Director know if we are noticing any warranty trends.
  • To ensure that all workshop areas are kept clean and a safe working environment is maintained at all times.
  • To ensure that the workshop is locked and secured at the end of each workday.
  • To maintain effective communication with all team members to ensure that sufficient information is available for the proper execution of your duties and that others have the data they need for the proper execution of their duties.
  • To assist the team with any training that is required and arrange for training courses to be offered out to the service team across all MSM sites.
  • Lead the CS team meetings as and when required preparing agendas and ensuring that all points are covered off.
  • Work closely with the CS Co-ordinator and ensure that all the engineers paperwork is filled in correctly and handed in on time.
  • To maintain the company’s health and Safety procedures and to monitor their implementation and adherence.
  • All other such tasks as directed by the Board of Directors.


3     Attributes

  • To be self starting and to employ an enquiring approach to developing the knowledge base of the company.
  • To be diligent and to ensure completeness in tasks.
  • To adopt an enthusiastic and positive approach and to be team orientated.
  • To have strong interpersonal skills and to show high levels of tact and diplomacy in dealing with a range of individuals across the company and outside of the company.
  • To be confidential and trustworthy.
  • To display a commitment to self-development and training