We have one main objective: to create service excellence and deliver outstanding customer service.

Senior Management are responsible for the Quality Policy and are committed to the Company’s documented System in accordance with ISO9001:2008. They will ensure that there are adequate resources to develop, implement and continually improve the Quality Management System and Quality Policy thus reviewing its continuing suitability. The effective application of the system will ensure our customer service is enhanced in order to achieve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Quality Objectives

The Company’s Quality Policy is supported by business objectives which are assessed via The Management Review and then communicated to all employees.

Quality Responsibilities

Senior Management ensure employees are aware that quality is everyone’s responsibility. This is achieved by Management communicating quality procedures and their objectives clearly, to all employees at regular intervals. All staff have access to the Quality Manual situated in the Management Representative’s area.

Quality Reporting

We also have robust quality reporting systems including NCR reporting (Non Conformance Reporting) and CARs (Corrective Action Reporting) to manage customer complaints and assure quality in the supply chain through regular auditing.