Tat’s the way as Morris Site Machinery joins the tattoo revolution

We're branching out to launch a special tattoo so staff and customers can show their allegiance to our brand.

The growing interest in body art inking has prompted us to have our ‘Built to Perform’ logo designed as a tattoo for supporters to demonstrate their faith in our products.

We are officially adding the tattoo to our well-known product range of lighting towers, generators and other site equipment on April 1st

CEO Chris Morris has already shown ‘tat’s the way to go’ by being among the first group of colleagues to sport the tattoo ahead of the launch.

He said: “It’s my first tattoo and looks fantastic. It’s had an amazing reaction already from family, friends and business associates. The team at Morris Site Machinery is known for its commitment and going all out to spread the word about our site machinery brands and products.”

“This is a great way to make that pride visible with a tattoo that will last a lifetime.”

“It is not only for company colleagues though, we expect many of our loyal customers to follow our lead and have the tattoos inked too.

We have called on celebrated tattoo artist April Jest to provide the service at our Wolverhampton base.

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