New Product added to our Lighting Line up

25 years of innovation have led to our most economically efficient machine - the SMC TL90 Evolve - one of the latest lighting towers from our experienced company’s engineering team in response to hire industry needs.

The TL90 Evolve offers all the functionality of the current market leading SMC TL90 but with a new ergonomic design, more compact appearance and three lamp head options. It can be fitted with the standard four LED head, our revolutionary Halo lamphead or a six LED head making it the brightest mobile lighting tower in the UK.

The six head Evolve+ has a crisp light output of 217,500 lumens, twice as powerful as its competitors and is super silent at just 60dB(A) from 7m. The standard four head TL90 Evolve has a run time of 185 hours.

Richard Denholm, UK Sales Director, said: “We are constantly looking at how we can improve our products to ensure we’re delivering the brightest and best machines. We’re excited to be adding new additions to our range of lighting towers that deliver value for customers.”

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