Powering the way with everything including the kitchen sink

We have developed an innovative mini-kitchen for our Denyo generators to provide home comforts on site.

The optional kit, The Kitchyo, was launched on April 1st which includes an oven, hob, kettle, pots, pans, and even a kitchen sink.

Our CEO, Chris Morris, said: “Our talented design team regularly produce quality equipment that embodies our ‘Built to Perform’ ethos and they were inspired to come up with something different.

“The mini kitchen can be fitted to our range of silent generators. It means we can not only meet on-site power needs, but also fuel the operatives with hearty cooked breakfasts and hot food and drinks throughout the day and night.

“Our generators are known for their silent operations and we’re confident the sizzling sounds of frying bacon from the new kitchen kit will meet noise restrictions on site.”

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