5 reasons why you need a validation certificate

We offer a validation certificate on all of our welders to ensure your machine is always at peak performance.

This added-value certificate is a safety precaution required for all units going onto flammable sites. Each machine is passed through a validation machine which records all readings required to get the certificate.

Here’s our top five reasons why you need a validation certificate:

  • All equipment required on flammable sites such as oil refineries and petrol chemical sites need this certificate to operate in this industry
  • Any faults or problems with the equipment can be flagged in advance of the job
  • Ensures all equipment is safe and fit for purpose
  • Customers will trust your equipment, and build trust with your brand
  • …and at £35, it is a cheap and essential addition to validate your fleet

It is imperative that hire companies are aware that validation certificates are essential when supplying units to flammable sites. It’s the smart and low-cost addition to any of your welder fleet.

Please get in touch for more details or call us on 0345 409 0280.

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