Low cost and low maintenance 200 bar (3000psi) pressure washer for a better return on investment

Built for rough terrain

With a protective roll cage and four large off-road wheels, the Hilta Hyperwash 3000D is ideal for use where terrain is testing. The high handle means it is easy to manoeuvre. 

Hilta Hyperwash 3000D

Key Features

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  • 12mlancepressurehose.svg

    12m lance pressure hose

  • 200 bar (3000 psi) maximum pressure

  • litresperminutemaximumflow.svg

    15 litres maximum flow

  • 52unitsina40ftcontainer.svg

    52 units in a 40ft container

Hilta Hyperwash 3000D

The Hilta Hyperwash 3000D is built with a protective roll cage and four large wheels for on and off road use. Ideal for a variety of applications from construction sites to quarry and mining, its rugged, robust build delivers a low maintenance cost and improved return on investment.