What power do I need?

You’ll find a wide range of lighting towers on the market, for construction, railway tracks and more. To ensure the area you need to work in is safely illuminated, it’s important to get a tower that provides enough light.

Purpose of The Tower

The first thing to think about is what you need the lighting tower for and where it will go. You can then determine the operating efficiency and runtime you’ll need to effectively carry out your task.

If you’re planning to use the machine for a long period of time, you will likely need something more economical on fuel to last the duration. Consider whether the tower is powerful enough for the light requirements by checking the height and wattage output on its technical information sheet – this should give an estimate of the tower’s coverage and brightness capabilities. Most SMC Lighting Towers are now fitted 4 x 300Watt LED lamps. If low-glare is required, the new Halo lamp will meet the demand.

Added Benefits

Our towers not only provide a source of light, they’re fitted with auxiliary sockets to power other on-site requirements such as generators and pumps. These help by providing added extra power where needed on site.

Customer Service

If you require more information or would like some advice, contact a member of the team today, who will be able to answer any questions.