How do I raise the tower up and lower it down?

What goes up, must come down. When it comes to erecting a lighting tower, it’s important to consider not only the purpose of the tower, but also how to put it up and down safely.

Find a Safe Location

Before putting the tower up, make sure it’s in a safe location. The ground needs to be stable and free of debris. Also, ensure the tower has plenty of space vertically and isn’t underneath power lines or any other obstructions. Before raising the mast, deploy the stabiliser legs fully and ensure the machine is level. Start the engine and raise the mast to required height. Turn on the lamps and close the control panel door. To lower the mast, ensure the stabiliser legs remain deployed until the mast is fully lowered. Start the engine and lower the mast until it is fully down. Stop the engine and ensure the controller is powered off. Close the control door. Retract the stabilisers into the transport position if moving the unit.

Video Guides

Each of our new SMC lighting towers is supplied with Quick Response (QR) codes on the safety decals. Once scanned, these take you to a video that can be watched on your smartphone or tablet. We suggest watching the videos carefully before moving or setting up the lighting tower.
There are a number of different QR codes that have all you need to know about set up for transport, daily checks, deploying the mast, retracting the mast, and switching the lamps on and off. Even with prior experience, each tower is different.

Customer service

If you have any further questions about setting up or lowering the tower, contact us and we can advise and eliminate any potential hazards.