Getting the best from your TL55 Battery Lighting Tower

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Battery life:

  • Your battery can be charged in 11 hours via the inbuilt 230v 40Amp charger or the external 16 Amp inlet plug-in connection
  • On a fully charged battery, operating 4 x 60 LED floodlights continuously, the TL55 can function for 52 hours
  • When using the PIR (passive Infrared) sensors and Auto Dimming Lamps, the lights can operate for up to 500 hours

How to look after your TL55 Battery:

  • It is good practice to fully charge the battery - this is especially important if the unit is not going to be in use for a while
  • We recommended you check the battery voltage at least once a month
  • The batteries have a self-discharge of less than 2% per month (at 20 degrees) and will indicate at a set voltage that the battery needs charging. Should the charge drop below a certain voltage the LED lamp heads will automatically switch off to protect the battery
  • When not using the lighting tower it is imperative that all operations are turned off and it is stored in a cool place (under 20 degrees)

If the battery is allowed to stay at a low charge for too long it can become damaged and ‘sulfation’ will take place. Sulfation is the formation of large crystals or hard lead sulfate on the battery plates which can cause performance deterioration and eventual failure of the battery.

Don’t forget to charge before you park up so you’re ready to go next time