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Stage V FAQs

  • What is Stage V compliance?

    Stage V (Regulation 2016/1628) is an emissions standard for Non-Road Mobile Machinery with spark / compression ignition engines. Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) includes equipment such as generators, lighting towers, pumps etc.

    Introduced by the EU, Stage V aims to reduce emitted particulate matter, among other substances. The green initiative is looking to reduce harmful substances in the same way road vehicles do e.g. via particulate filters.

  • What is the difference between Stage V and previous EU emissions standards?

  • Why is Stage V more environmentally friendly?

  • What machines need to be Stage V compliant?

  • Are there any exceptions to Stage V?

  • How do I know a product is Stage V compliant?

  • Which Morris Site Machinery machines are Stage V compliant?

  • What are the Stage V deadlines for the EU market?

Stage V

Stage V Deadlines

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